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December 2021

The 'Laser Kiwi' Tiny House

"Working with the Build Tiny Team was a tremendous privilege. We totally understand now why they have a glowing reputation among the Tiny House community here in Aotearoa. The entire team are absolute professionals who were easy to communicate with and kept us informed throughout the design and building process. We felt included and valued throughout our tiny house journey. Their team were also excellent problem solvers, with creative solutions that didn't compromise our wants and needs. As a result, our home is beautifully crafted and as efficient as you could imagine. This is a testament to the expertise of their designers and builders. We have recommended Build Tiny to all our friends and whānau interested in Tiny Houses. We could not be happier with our home. "

Leina and Peter

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March 2021

'Scotty' The Tiny House

"Hello Gina, Amy, and rest of the Build Tiny Team, Rhys and I were about to send you the below email, just before I got yours! We do have a name for our tiny, Scotty. Simply because it was on our travels in Scotland that we made the decision to come home from our overseas stint, and get the tiny house dream underway! Right from the get go when we first met Gina in January last year, til the very end, the Build Tiny team has been a absolute pleasure to work with. The care and thought that goes into the whole process is amazing. Rhys and I appreciate you answering all of our ongoing questions, giving us great advise and being honest and telling us when something just wasn’t going to work. Your communication throughout the whole process has been superb, and you were quick to fix the few small issues we encountered along the way. Our tiny house has turned out exactly how we wanted, and that wouldn’t have been possible without your team. Rhys & I cannot wait to move in, and we are so excited to show our family and friends our beautiful new home. With the crazy Auckland house prices buying a house wasn’t going to be possible for us for a very long time, and going renting and paying someone else’s mortgage really wasn’t ideal either! You have made it possible for Rhys and I to have our own home, without having to live with a crippling debt for the rest of our lives. You should all be so proud of the work you do, and the dreams you make come true. We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful home you have created for us. Wishing you all the very best in future, and we cannot wait to see all the amazing tiny homes you continue to create!"

Rhys and Rebecca


October 2020 (1 year anniversary of build)

'Sonnenschein' Tiny House

"Dear Gina, Amy, Jason and the rest of the team, the tiny house turned 1 year last week and I just wanted to say thank you! I am still totally loving the tiny house and wouldn't change a thing about it. I love living and working in it, everybody who comes to visit comments on how great it looks and the professional workmanship.  I remember the 2nd of October last year and how happy I was when Jason came up the drive and then we waited for Jay to arrive who had been stopped by the police just down the road (*Who couldn't find a single fault with the tiny house!)... Ha ha... Living in the beautiful Sonnenschein tiny house brings me so much joy and I am very grateful and content!  I have attached a couple of pictures from the tiny house birthday party. Keep up the good work!  Cheers and big hugs to you all, Sonja


Total Grace Tiny House

March 2020

'Total Grace' Tiny House

Hi Build Tiny Team, I am happily plugging the nail holes in my beautiful new tiny home taking time to reflect on what a miracle it was getting her in place. Total kudos to Jason and Andy who patiently worked through each of the many challenges which presented themselves as my tiny was backed down the driveway. I was an exhausted wreck just watching by the time she got in place.  Thank you so much for making it happen. May your tiny home building empire continue to flourish. If I can help in anyway to promote what you do then please let me know. There sure was plenty of interest while she was parked on the street and even when blocking the road when being backed in. Not one person waiting in their car complained about the delay, they were so fascinated with my tiny home! Her name is "Total Grace".  Thanks again for your creative design, quality workmanship and sincere "can do" attitude. With much gratitude, Mandra 



November 2019

'Dreamweaver' Tiny House

"There has been a lot of interest in the house... It's a bit of a novelty for everyone... I've provided quite a few tiny house tours already lol! Everyone wants to come look so I will have to organise a house warming party to get everyone through... I also want to say a massive thank you to all of you guys for the awesome work you've done and for all the help and advice you have given me throughout this journey... I am thrilled with my house and for once in my life I can't even put it into words!!!! I am sooooooooooo happy! 🙂 I can't thank you guys enough for everything that you've done... Not only did you build me my beautiful "DreamWeaver" but you guided me through the whole process and helped settle my nerves when I got overwhelmed with the decisions and choices that had to be made... Every single one of you are amazing and I will be forever grateful to all of you... Thank you so much for everything Cheers Jacqui xx"



June 2019

'Green Hill Farm' Tiny House

"Gina, Jason, Amy, and the team of Build Tiny, have been a pleasure to deal with. From the conceptual ideas, through to getting the design finished, and completing the build with an outstanding finish.  A memorable moment for us was when asking for the delivery date to have the reply that the date was in our contract.... We actually asked for an extra week to finish our site work. Team of Build Tiny... Well done, and we are grateful for having found you when exploring building our Tiny House"

Robert & Carola

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 12.46.25 PM.pn

April 2019

'LaSombra' Tiny House

"Today I walked into my new house for the first time and it was actually super emotional. Thank you @buildtinyhomes for turning my dreams into a reality" 

Tash's tiny house journey was documented by a TV3 show called 'Moving out with Kanoa'. During the show, Tash talked about how and why she came to choose to build her custom tiny house with us, and we were chuffed with her response: “I found one particular builder who’s designs just really resonated with me, and what really blew me away was how much time they put into getting every last little bit of space out of their designs”



Dec 2018

'iBot' Tiny House

 "We couldn’t be happier with our Baxter! Every part of it has been designed with such great thought and the quality of workmanship is so evident. Gina was able to incorporate some excellent custom details to ensure it was enjoyable and safe for even the smallest member of our family. Getting it on-site in time for summer was wonderful but every stage beforehand was also enjoyable. Gina kept us involved with every stage of the build and she gave us the perfect amount of design input. We are so happy with it that we are already placing an order for our second Baxter!"

Johanna & Aaron

Autumn tiny house.jpeg

August 2021

The 'Autumn' Tiny House

"The guys up at Build Tiny have been amazing to work with over the past year - I did a lot of research before beginning the process and couldn't recommend them more highly to anyone looking to do something similar. They've just posted my house into their portfolio today if anyone would like to see more below - and check out the rest of their builds too. And of course, give me a message if anyone would like to know more about the process"

Cam Oliver Tattoo


Hilltop tiny house

December 2020

'Hilltop' Tiny House

"We are so grateful to the whole Build Tiny team, for making our tiny house dreams come true!! The fact that we were able to do the whole build/design process from start to finish whilst being overseas was just amazing & easier than expected. Gina and Amy were so great and quick with all the back-and-forth communications, they were flexible with our timeline and accommodating to our situation. Gina had so many great ideas and was so honest in terms of costs and what was possible. The Build Tiny team made tricky things happen such as a butler’s sink and built-in shower wall shelf which hadn’t been done before in any of their previous builds. We are also so grateful to Ian for going out of his way in helping us get our tiny house to its remote location. We are so happy we chose to have our tiny home built by Build Tiny, it looks even better than we had envisioned it and are beyond excited to move in!!"


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May 2020

'Bay Tree' Tiny House

"I love my tiny house Everything about it is perfect. It is remarkably spacious especially the bathroom and height and openness in the kitchen lounge area. We bought it for our beach property and it is a fully functional and delightful bach, quintessential NZ style with all the mod cons in a compact neat design" - Juliet.  "The whole experience with Build Tiny through design, build and delivery has been very easy even in these difficult times. Everyone we have dealt with has been incredibly helpful with ideas to guide us to the final product. We are really excited about the next steps of getting ourselves set up and enjoying our time at the beach" - Mike 

Mike & Juliet

Michelle and Bryce.png

March 2020

'Daisy Vera' Tiny House

Hi Gina, Amy, Jason and the team at Build Tiny, I am so happy to be in my tiny house I've named the Daisy Vera Tiny Home after both my grandmother's and all is working out wonderfully. I will (and have) recommended Build Tiny to anyone who is interested in tiny living. Thanks to all the team at Build Tiny for making the process from start to finish a joy it was great seeing the photo updates and progress from week-to-week and also quick email responses to any questions. The hardest part I think was watching it be put on the section. But great to see the experts at work. I wish you all the very best for the future and may your business thrive. I am so excited to be starting a new adventure in my new home with no mortgage. Kind regards Michelle xxx

To watch and hear Michelle giving a tour of her tiny house click here

Image credit Living big in a Tiny House


After the hard work.jpeg

September 2019

'Sonnenschein' Tiny House

"Hi Gina, Amy, Jase and the rest of the Build Tiny team, Thank you sooo much for building this beautiful house for me! I am totally in love with it!!!!!!!!! A dream has come true for me!
It was also such a great help that Jase came down and delivered the goods and helped me set up! Thank you for the housewarming present too, it's great! Keep up the great work and lots of love from Motueka"


Kelly and Bryce Firstlight tiny house.pn

June 2019

'Firstlight' Tiny House

"To the Build Tiny Crew. Thanks so much for making my tiny house dream a reality. I truly appreciate the quality of the build, and how easy you all have been to deal with. If you are ever around in Wellington, feel free to come and see the tiny house in its new spot."

To watch and hear Kelly giving a tour of her tiny house click here

Image credit Living big in a Tiny House


Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 7.09.47 PM_edi

Mar 2019

Larissa & Tyler's Tiny House

"Experience building with you was so stress-free and easy to follow. Learnt a lot too. It was really easy that you guys were close and we could drop by anytime. You and your team have gone above and beyond our expectations"

Larissa & Tyler


Nov 2018

'Tinyville' Tiny House

"Our Millennial re-design by Gina, Jason and the Build Tiny team is 'spectacular'. It's not an easy task to come up with 'the goods' when your clients are both designers where 'attention to detail' is 'the bottom line'. Without exception... Build Tiny absolutely delivered; from initial discussions, design progressions and build quality... to completion and delivery. You will be hard-pressed to find a more professional approach from design through to construction for your 'Tiny House build'....but the best part of all...They're awesome people to deal with!"

Shirley & Rodney

Nugget the tiny house.JPG

March 2021

The 'Nugget' Tiny House

"I am so pleased with how Nugget has turned out! The work is to a high standard and the first few nights living in it have been a dream! Many, many thanks to you Gina, Karen, Amy, Jason and the team for your exemplary customer service, creative vision, attention to detail, superb workmanship and making the whole experience supportive and easy. Everyone who has come to visit the last few days has fallen in love with it. They can't believe that a tiny home can feel this spacious. They remark on how each component is so thoughtfully done and marvel at all the hidden storage. Well done BT team."


Summer and Jason Cyril Tiny House.png

November 2020

'Cyril' The Tiny House

The team at Build Tiny ARE THE BEST!!!! We got Gina to design Cyril our Tiny House over the first lockdown with all the best intentions that we would then take away her epic design and build it ourselves with our extensive 3 day tiny house building course experience. Sure, we probably could have built something, but we are so so so glad we decided to instead take the last available slot Build Tiny had for the year to build it for us - zero regrets. Even with our 13+ design revisions Gina was dreamy to work with and always did her best to accommodate our requests - cat bridges, bathroom redesigns, expanding bifold doors to max width.  Even the promotional video tour Andy & his cat performed in was solid gold quality (watch it).  Living in Cyril is like being on holiday every day and we couldn't be happier with what the team has built for us and will always remain friends and fans of the company.

Image credit Living big in a Tiny House

Summer & Jason

Gilly c-Tiny.png

August 2020

'C-Tiny' Tiny House

Hi I’m Gilly, Super host to 3 Airbnb’s in Hawke’s Bay, I’m always looking for an Airbnb with a difference!!! YAY!!!! I FOUND BUILD TINY after a two year search for the right style of tiny house plus the right people to design & work with. Without the good listening skills of designer Gina, patience of Amy, and the building skills of Jason and the team I don’t think I would have had the courage to trust that they would build exactly what I wanted. BUT GUESS WHAT? I got exactly what I wanted PLUS a beautiful design with top workmanship!! Build Tiny painstakingly positioned my little red C-Tiny into its prepared space beautifully.  My neighbours & friends were so amazed at the skill and quality of this wonderful company, and I know it’s a flourishing business. The information & research this team does for an individual client is tops! Gina’s guidance & expert design skills gave me exactly what I wanted. Having a clear build start date & delivery time was spot on for me. This team stands by what they promise, guides you to where you’re going on your journey & delivers you the BEST THAT THEY CAN BE. 


Tiny Tawharau tiny house

December 2019

'Tiny Tawharau' Tiny House

"The team at build tiny were very professional to work with. They excelled at communicating and always went the extra mile! We knew we were in safe hands and couldn't have been more pleased when our tiny Tawharau arrived safe and sound and finished to a high standard. Thanks again team!"... "We're super happy with the build and can't think of anything specific we weren't happy with. All I want to do now is build more tiny houses it was so much fun 😆😆."

The Lenihan family

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 11.53_edited.j

August 2019

'Kingfisher' Tiny House

"I just wanted to express our thanks after the delivery of our beautiful tiny house on Monday.  We have just spent our first night and it was amazing waking up to a gorgeous sunrise!  Everything in the house is finished to such a high standard and we know we are going to spend many wonderful weekends here... Again thanks so much for everything you really all did a wonderful job from design to delivery."

Michelle & Andrew


May 2019

'Dance' Tiny House

"Hey guys, Just a message to say how pleased I am with my new home, it’s everything I wanted and more! You were all amazing to deal with and I’ll be recommending you to everyone! Watching the tiny home getting into place was definitely one of the scariest moments of my life, Jason will see when he comes on Monday, the driveway is STEEP! Started the deck today and moving in next week, cannot wait. Thank you again, this is life changing and I couldn’t be happier"


Webb and Haddow Tiny House Exterior_edit

Feb 2019

'Webb & Haddow' Tiny House

"Build Tiny have been an absolute joy to work with! They patiently worked with us as we ironed out our custom tiny home design and they produced an amazing finished product. Very pleased :)"


Kitchen and lounge Littlejohn Tiny House

June 2018

'Littlejohn' Tiny House

"I can't wait to pick it up this Saturday. Bursting with excitement! 😁 All of you at Build Tiny have done such an incredible job, I can't thank you enough for all the awesome communication and updates throughout the build 😁"


"Build Tiny made the process of building a tiny house such an exciting and seamless process. From discussing layout and material ideas, to keeping me in to loop via text and emails with progress photos to visiting the work shop during the build, it was all really fantastic and stress free. The team are so friendly and professional I knew my house was in excellent hands. The craftmanship is so amazing and I couldn’t be happier with my home. I highly recommend Build Tiny if you are gong tiny!"