"Autumn" Tiny House

This has to be one of our most creative and compact designs yet. Truely tiny at 6 x 2.4m, this tiny house is packed with artistic touches and surprising design. The exterior has a beautiful well proportioned shape with a unique cladding combination. Smooth vinyl weatherboards in Annapolis Blue contrast beautifully with black Vulcan Charred Cladding. It’s heavily textured surface is inspired by the Japanese technique of ‘yakisugi’ or ‘shou sugi ban’. As you enter the tiny house there is a striking featured wallpaper that was supplied by our client and artfully installed by our team to wrap around the interior walls. The negative detailing of the plywood interior linings were installed with this feature in mind, so the plywood lines draw your eye up to the full height ceilings, hammock net and skylight above, all centred over the main entry door. The kitchen was also designed to enhance the illusion of spaciousness with all cabinetry and appliances below eye level, and huge tall windows again to draw your eye out and up. To achieve this the client opted for a small under counter fridge, and a concealed back draft range hood that disappears out of sight when not in use. For a tiny house of its size, the bathroom is very generous, with a corner shower, practical vanity, low maintenance incinerating toilet, and a washer dryer combo. Just because a space is mainly about utility, doesn’t mean it can’t also be creative, check out the custom mural painted on the back of the bathroom door, a delightful visual treat when the door is closed behind you, tucked next to that is a deep storage closet for all your clothes. Directly above the bathroom is the queen size loft. As you’d expect it’s packed full of features there’s a walking platform next to the bed so there’s no need to crawl. There’s a bedside table with storage, a folding desk for working from home, and more lift up storage at the foot of the bed.

Completed August 2021

Completion Date

6m long x 2.4w x 4.2h


Stage 3 build (turn-key, completed build)


On-grid 32 amp caravan connection


1 Loft

Sleeping Spaces


Chris, Hayden, Ray, Andy, and Kelvin. Special thanks to our subbies, Graham, Jason P, John P, and David.

Build Team

Our In-house designer Karen.


Steel frame, vinyl cladding with Vulcan charred timber, double glazed aluminum windows, lightweight poplar core plywood interior linings.


"The guys up at Build Tiny have been amazing to work with over the past year - I did a lot of research before beginning the process and couldn't recommend them more highly to anyone looking to do something similar. They've just posted my house into their portfolio today if anyone would like to see more below - and check out the rest of their builds too. And of course, give me a message if anyone would like to know more about the process"

Cam Oliver Tattoo