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What kind of trailers do we use?

Our Tiny House Trailers are designed and built specifically for Tiny Homes

Our detachable Tiny House trailers

Custom-made, Detachable Tiny House Trailers


We have our trailers made locally by Bay Engineering Solutions (BES), That way, we can focus on what we do best, designing and building Tiny Homes! We've been working with BES for years to refine their trailer design to make them truly perfect for Tiny Homes. We now exclusively use their detachable trailer system for all our tiny house builds, which are high quality, secure and versatile. You can be sure that the 'foundations' of your Tiny Home are the best on the market, and will easily stand the test of time. 


Why detachable? The trailers have a flat deck and low profile design. They consist of two parts; a chassis - a basic skeleton trailer with structural steel, axles and a drawbar, and the deck - a detachable steel frame used as the floor of your tiny house. These two parts are securely locked together using a container lock in each corner of the house. This new technology allows you to maneuver your house into place, and remove the trailer from underneath (if and when you need to) with hand operated lifting jacks. Having the ability to detach your tiny house from the trailer will take all the stress out of your yearly WOF checks, it frees up your trailer to be used for other purposes when you're not using it, and means you can keep the trailer well maintained by servicing it regularly. Watch the video above to see how the two parts of the trailer are easily separated by hand operated lifting jacks.


Sizes: Our tiny house trailers are registered as light simple trailers, and are rated to 3500kg.Trailers are built at 2.4m wide and to various lengths - but we recommend you select a multiple of 6 as this creates efficiencies in building materials, eg, 6m, 6.6m, 7.2m, 7.8m etc. Just note that it can become difficult for us to keep your house under the 3500kg weight limit if you decide to build much bigger than 7.2m. The flat-deck design provides an unobstructed blank canvas for us to design and build your dream Tiny Home, all without compromising on overall height.


Brakes: 3500kg rated radio controlled wireless drum brakes are fitted on all trailers and can be plugged into any towing vehicle without rewiring. An additional safety feature is the smart brake away switch. This clips onto the towing vehicle, in the event of a brake away it will engage the trailers brakes.


Galvanising: Trailers up to 9.2m (overall length) are hot dip galvanised to prevent rust. Holes used for bolting the tiny house walls down to the trailer are drilled before galvanising to allow us to easily bolt down the walls of your house to the trailer deck, making a secure, rust-free connection.



Your trailer will include:

  • State of the art 3500kg wireless electric braking system

  • 195x13" Low profile galvanised rims and tires

  • Monster heavy duty jockey wheel

  • 3500kg rated 1"7/8 tow coupling

  • Safety breakaway switch

  • Full LED lights

  • Spare wheel and tire

  • NSK Bearing

  • 1750kg rating per axle

  • 3-year warranty on the frame and 2-year warranty on parts

  • 3-Year Warrant of Fitness & 1-year Registration

  • 4x stabilizers 

  • 4 x lifting jacks

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