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This tiny house design has huge potential, 3 bedrooms (one on the ground floor, and two in the loft) all within a 10x2.8m footprint. All three bedrooms have privacy which is essential for families living in tiny homes. The clever deisgn has a 'walk through' bathroom where the shower and toilet can be closed off while not restricting access to the vanity, laundry are or downstairs bedroom. There's even a dedicated exterior storage cabinet for solar equipment to be stored if you need to be offgrid. 


All pricing is in NZD
All measurements and dimensions are in metric units (mm)

'Familia' Tiny House Plans (NZD)

GST Included
  • PDF download includes: 

    • 3D Sections and interior images
    • Floor plan
    • Multiple sections
    • Multiple elevations
    • Kitchen cabinetry detail
    • Kitchen 3D
    • Kitchen island detail
    • Wardrobe detail
    • Bathroom vanity detail
    • Electrical plan
    • Window and door schedule
    • Specifications spreadsheet: A comprehensive list of product and material recomendations as well as colour selections used in the original build.
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