Our Pricing

We're a custom/bespoke tiny house builder, meaning that there is no set pricing based on size or number of bedrooms. Each tiny house is designed based on your specifications for materials and features to suit your budget and taste. For an indication of pricing, a typical turn-key 8m Tiny House will cost between $185-$200,000 NZD, though with minimal cabinetry, it can be done for less. 

We can build to any stage of completion, so if you'd like to do some DIY work on your tiny house, we can build you a lockup/watertight shell so that you can fit out the interior yourself, the cost of this is likely to be between $80,000 - $100,000 NZD.


Due to gradual material and labour price increases, it's not possible to keep the pricing up to date for all of our numerous, unique, previous builds. So if you would like us to replicate one of our previous designs for you, we will still need to reassess the pricing to reflect current costs, just get in contact with us to discuss your plans.