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The elegant La Sombra Tiny House

La Sombra Tiny House built by Build TIny
Build Tiny Customised Baxter model

Finishing this build has made three little people and a Mama very happy! Right from the planning stages our clients three children were very much part of the process. The family went on research trips staying in tiny houses all over the country, made and changed their plans, and visited their tiny house as it progressed. We can't wait to see them make this house their home. "The bunnies can go in that step" was a comment made by the eldest.

La Sombras living room below the second sleeping loft
The fully functional kitchen with a slim line Spiroloc fireplace

The main sleeping loft with removable storage
The second sleeping or living area, accessed by ladder and has a safety barrier

This home took inspiration from the Baxter model with two sleeping lofts and an open plan living area. The windows were changed up a bit, a fireplace, clothes airer and solar panels were added.

Our homes can be finished to three stages, this was a complete stage three build and included appliances totaling close to $130,000.

La SOmbra bathroom which includes a storage shelf, Bambooloo composting toilet, vanity and shower
Clothes airer made by Variant spaces

La Sombra living room

La Sombra kitchen with full appliance package

With the removable items out of the tiny house it came right to the maximum weight aloud to be road legal, 3500kg. We were a little worried with the additional weight of the fire place, solar panels and the ladder being fixed. The home looks absolutely stunning and is now in its beautiful bush home. The journey to get it there hasn't been without unforeseen troubles. However as a company we stand by our work and will always do right by our clients. We are so happy that this family have a new start their tiny home. For more information about the build here is a link to its page on our website.

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