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The new house on the block.

We're so proud of our latest custom build. So much so it has become part of our range of tiny homes. It all started when some of our team meet Kate at the 2017 Auckland Home Show. She was passionate about getting into her very own Tiny House.

After several important design consultations at our workshop here In Katikati, a special custom design was created. Kate also took advantage of our try before you buy opportunity, booking a night or two in the Millennial tiny house.

It was then up to us to get it quoted for the best price possible. With several builds on the go we have built up some important partnerships with our suppliers. This allows us to pass on a great price to our customers.

With a signed contract and deposit paid, we got straight into it. Throughout the build we stayed in regular contact with Kate, checking details and sorting any small issues as they arose. Kate was also able to let us know when she was calling through Katikati and had the opportunity to check up on the build as it progressed. We are over the moon to get Kate's feedback last week, as her new home is complete and at its new site being set up.

Kate - "I can’t wait to pick it up this Saturday! Bursting with excitement! All of you at Build Tiny have done such an incredible job and I can’t thank you enough for all the awesome updates and communication throughout the build!"

Framing of the Buster tiny house up.

The dream team in action making sure everything is perfect. Once those key elements from our suppliers arrived it wasn't long till the house took shape and areas became more defined.

Buster Tiny house nearly ready

Builders working on the custom stairs

As the build progressed (very quickly) invoices were sent out as different stages were completed. The boys were on a roll and within three months of signing the contract, the build is ready to be delivered to it's new home. We are so happy with it and would love to hear what you think.

Exterior of the Buster tiny house

Kitchen and lounge of Buster tiny house

During the design stage clients work closely with our team to configure a layout that suits their needs. They need to choose building materials, floor coverings and colours. To paint or not to paint is also a choice to be made.

View of the Busters lounge from the sleeping loft

Interior of the Buster tiny house

Plush sleeping loft in the Buster tiny house

Kitchen and bathroom of the Buster tiny house

With family support, Kate chose to transport the tiny house home herself. Ian was able to brief the driver on how to transport the house safely on its trip north to Auckland. Instructions on how to detach and lift the tiny house off the trailer were also passed on. Below are some pictures Kate has shared of how it went. It was reassuring to hear that the trip to Auckland went well.

A practice detach was done and doesn't it look impressive!

The tiny house is now in place and in the process of being moved into.

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