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If you’re after something custom, you’ve come to the right place. The following explains our custom design process and gives you an indication of the costs involved. To ensure you love living tiny, it's essential that your priorities influence the tiny house design, its form and its function. Having a set of detailed plans is essential to us being able to calculate accurate pricing for your tiny home. Without plans and detailed material specifications we can only provide loose estimates. The benefit of having an accurate quote for your custom tiny house design is that we offer fixed price agreements, so you'll know exactly what your tiny house will look like, and exactly what it’s going to cost, no surprises.

Whats the cost of a custom tiny house design?

  • The designers time is charged out at $50 + gst p/hr. All work included in creating the custom design is charged for, such as design discussions, time spent on the design, drawings and general communication with your designer. It's invoiced in two stages, one after the preliminary design stage, and then again after the detailed design stage. 

  • How many hours it will take for us to complete your design is unknown, and depends a lot on your requirements. You can have an impact on the cost of your design work, so check out the tips below in the FAQ section to see ways you can keep the cost of your design work down.

  • In order to help with your budgeting, plans for a typical turn-key tiny house design will cost between $2,900-$5,000 NZD

Meet our in-house design team:

Gina Stevens

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Karen Flett

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