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“The Kōtuku” Tiny House

This tiny house was named by our client after the Kōtuku (White Heron). The Kōtuku is revered for its stunning white feathers and its scarcity here in New Zealand. The tiny house design was modelled off our Dark Horse model, but with a series of customizations for our client. The design offers an easily accessed downstairs bedroom, with lots of built-in cabinets for storage. There’s even more storage in the kitchen with a large pull-out pantry and row of overhead cabinets. The bathroom is set-up with a composting toilet, compact shower, and generous benchtop space for the vanity as it also houses the washing machine. Even though it’s a tiny house, it has everything you need to rest and relax in it after a long day.

October 2022

Completion Date

10m long x 2.4m wide x 3.2m high


Stage 3 build (turn-key, completed build)


On-grid 32 amp caravan connection


1 bedroom

Sleeping Spaces

The Kōtuku
The Kōtuku

Matt, Hayden, Kelvin, Tom, Jay, Ray Jon and Bridgett. Special thanks to our subbies, Graham & Jason P.

Build Team

Gina Stevens


Steel framing, vinyl cladding, poplar core plywood ceiling, soft natural vinyl flooring.


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