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"Millennial" Tiny House

This was Build Tiny's very first tiny house build. Back before we were officially a company. This is what started it all. Amazing and clever design features are packed into this compact 7.2m long house. It has a large kitchen and bathroom for a tiny house, with all you need to live comfortably. A custom engineered pull-out staircase makes great use of the living space. It neatly slides in and out of the cabinetry which has decent storage on both sides including a wardrobe. The main loft allows maximum head height at the top of the bed perfect for reading or netflixing in bed. The second loft has been designed as the perfect stay at home office space. A cut out in the floor means you can sit comfortably with your feet down into the second level and even pass things up from the kitchen below. We have learned so much since building the Millennial, see the TinyVille profile page to see a variation on this design.

Completed September 2017

Completion Date

7.2m long x 2.4w x 4.2h


Stage 3 build (turn-key, completed build)


On-grid 16 amp connection, with a simple caravan plug.


2 lofts

Sleeping Spaces


Jason Steve & Gina and Gina's family & friends. & Subbies: Lachlan, Jason P, Jamie, & Brendan

Build Team

Our in-house designer Gina


Steel frame, colour-steel exterior cladding, double glazed aluminium windows, lightweight 6mm Okume plywood interior linings.


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