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"Horton" Tiny House

You can't go wrong with our popular Baxter design. Many of our clients find the layout very flexible and easy to make small changes to, to suit their needs. Clients are invited to choose their colours and finishes to suit their tastes. Initially, this client had planned to have solar power, so we built a cabinet in the back of the lounge to store the equipment, much the same as iBot tiny house. Prior to building, the clients decided against solar but kept the exterior cupboard to store things not needed inside the house. This design feature then created a nook in the living room, a perfect place to build in a bench seat and make the most of the space.

Our clients on this build have a young child who will be sleeping in the main loft. Therefore it was important that the barrier was full height but still let light in, so we made a custom slatted pine barrier. The clients have since added a baby gate to the opening to block off this space. Each loft has custom made storage units to make the most of the available space. The stairs in this house have three lift up treads, three drawers, a cupboard and a pull-out pantry. The kitchen also has a drawer unit on wheels, this was designed to be removable for travel to help keep the weight down. Another advantage of it being on wheels is that when pulled out it can be another work surface for food prep.

Completed September 2019

Completion Date

8m long x 2.4w x 4.2h


Stage 3 build (turn-key, completed build)


16 amp caravan connection


2 lofts

Sleeping Spaces


Jason, Mike, Ray, Andy, Kelvin, Lance, & Justin. Subbies: Graham, Jason P, Jamie, David, & Chris.

Build Team

Our in-house designer Gina


Steel frame, vinyl cladding, double glazed alumninum
windows, lightweight poplar core plywood interior linings.


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