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"Home Haven" Tiny House

Our client came to us with a clear vision in mind for his tiny home. He knew what he wanted and trusted our designer Gina to deliver something spectacular. We think she did an amazing job. This home has not one, but two built-in storage staircases that are not only functional but packed with storage solutions. At our most popular size of 8m long by 2.4m wide this tiny house could sleep up to six with a fold out couch. Both bedrooms have storage and shelving, plus slats cut into the flooring help to aerate the mattress. The kitchen is beautiful with stained bamboo bench tops and stylish black accents in the sink and cook top. Those with a sharp eye may notice in the photos and video below that the walls are not sealed - this is because our client chose to DIY the painting as a way to bring down the cost of the project.

Completed December 2019

Completion Date

8m long x 2.4w x 4.2h


Stage 3 build (turn-key, completed build) Excl painting


On-grid 16 amp caravan connection, wired for future solar power.


2 lofts

Sleeping Spaces

Home Haven
Home Haven

Jason, Mike, Ray, Andy, Kelvin, Lance, & Hayden. Subbies: Graham, Jason P, Jamie, David, & Chris.

Build Team

Our in-house designer Gina


Steel frame, vinyl cladding, double glazed aluminum windows, lightweight poplar core plywood interior linings.


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