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'First Light" Tiny House

This project came about slightly differently than our normal build process. This client had been dreaming of building her own tiny house for close to 4 years before she took the plunge and hired award-winning architecture firm - First Light Studio - to design her dream tiny house. They worked together to come up with the concept design and then a year or so later, approached us to help bring the project to reality. Usually, we do our own design work in-house, so it was a bit different working alongside Anna and her team at First Light Studio. We're just in love with the design, and think they did an excellent job for the client. The detailing and finishes are just second to none, the photos really don't do it justice! We're extremely proud of this build and think that the design has really nailed the balance between form and function, but we'll let you be the judge...

Completed May 2019

Completion Date

7.2m long x 2.4w x 4.2h, Weighed in at 3498kg after removing 162kg of removable items


Stage 3 build (turn-key, completed build)


Off-grid solar powered and an on-grid 16 amp caravan connection


1 loft

Sleeping Spaces

First Light
First Light

Jason, Steve, Mike, Ray, Andy, & Kelvin. Subbies: Graham, Jason P, Jamie, David, & Chris.

Build Team

First Light Studio in Wellington


Steel frame, colour steel corrugated iron,
double glazed aluminum
windows, lightweight poplar core plywood interior linings.


"To the Build Tiny Crew, Thanks so much for making my tiny house dream a reality. I truly appreciate the quality of the build, and how easy you all have been to deal with. If you are ever around in Wellington, feel free to come and see the tiny house in its new spot. - K. O'Dea
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