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Updates from Build Tiny HQ

Since the release of La Sombra in April we've handed over the keys to three more tiny homes, farewelled Builder Steve, employed three new builders, and are implementing a project management software, called BuilderTrend. So it's fair to say we have been keeping busy.

Hehewerth Tiny House on site

You may have seen updates on our website and Facebook debuting the Dance tiny house, First Light tiny house and most recently Hehewerth tiny house which is still in the editing stages. Each home bringing something unique to the table. We are really enjoying working with our clients on custom builds often adapted from a previous build, or in First Lights case a complete custom build drawn up by an architect.

Dance Tiny House Built by Build Tiny
First Light Tiny House built by Build Tiny

Andy and Kelvin joined the team in April, three months on we are stoked to have them on board. Andy has a boat building back ground and Kelvin bus building. Sadly after two years with Build Tiny, Steve moved on to new things, wanting to get back outdoors working on commercial builds. Luckily we had a great response from our add to replace him and were fortunate to secure Lance. He starts mid July and will bring a huge amount of experience to the team. The workshop is definitely a busy place and it will be great to get our build team up to six so we can increase our productivity.

Andy from Build Tiny
Kelvin from Build Tiny

Something that will help us with this is our new Project Management Software, BuilderTrend. It will help us to streamline our processes, schedule builds, order materials, liaise with clients and subcontractors and a heap more. Here is a short video if you are interested in learning more. Clients will have access to a client portal that will show them updates on their house, where their schedule is up to, their payments made and when they might expect to make their next payment, and send and receive messages and information. We are still learning the system but are excited by its potential to make our life so much easier and improve the clients experience.

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