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Creative and compact.

One more out the door and this time we were challenged to make something pretty unique. The clients site restricted the size of their tiny house to 6m. With some collaboration with our trailer manufacturers they were able to design a removable draw bar. This means once in place the draw bar can be remove to make better use on the tight space.

Larissa & Tylers 6m removable drawbar Tiny house

With 6m to work with the challenge was to create defined spaces but keep it feeling open and airy. Full of features the tiny house has room to sleep, cook, relax, work and wash. The office area above the kitchen has a foot well and built in desk. The space has room for two to comfortably work. Lots of natural light makes it a really great place to great creative. If needed the space could be used for the occasional guest.

Larissa & Tyler's tiny house office loft built by Build Tiny

Through the design stage Gina worked with the clients to overcome the issue of safety on the loft level. Traditionally the loft would have safety barriers. Gina thought in a smaller space this would close off the spaces making them less practical. The genius idea of a net was suggested and the clients agreed to give it a try. It was definitely a learning curve but a really cool idea as it not only functions as a safety barrier, but can be used as a chill out area in what would otherwise be unutilised space. A bonus is that it doesn't add much weight to the house.

Larissa & Tyler's tiny house net loft built by Build Tiny

Larissa & Tyler's tiny house net loft built by Build Tiny

Tight on space the clients were happy to go without a stair case. A fixed vertical ladder gives them access to both lofts and takes up less floor space. This was powder coated in their chosen colour. On the ground floor the open plan kitchen has room for two to cook and prepare side by side. A double hob and full gas oven gives plenty of options for cooking. There is a surprisingly decent amount of bench space especially when you include the draw unit that can be pulled out and be used as an Island bench. It also cleverly conceals the washing machine which makes use of the corner space in the back corner of the kitchen units. A pull out pantry provides plenty of accessible storage for the deep space between the fridge and sink.

Larissa & Tyler's tiny house kitchen built by Build Tiny

Larissa & Tyler's tiny house kitchen built by Build Tiny

The living room is the heart of the home. It features a custom built in couch that is full of storage. This could be a pull out couch like what you will see in the camper if you don't mind it blocking off the bathroom door while in use. The living room also features a pedestal table that can be taken apart with the table top sliding into brackets and kept out of the way on the wall.

Larissa & Tyler's tiny house living room built by Build Tiny

The bathroom is compact in size but has all you need. Bambooloo composting toilet, vanity with storage and shower with roll away shower screen.

Larissa & Tyler's tiny house bathroom built by Build Tiny

While waiting for edited images from our photographer Gina published a video tour of Larissa and Tyler's tiny house. In a very short time our video tour has gone viral on YouTube with over 3 million views in 11 days!! If you haven't seen it here is the link.

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