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Our latest custom build.

Arial view of the Ibbotson Tiny House, with solar panels.

Just in time for Christmas our latest custom Baxter build was handed over to its happy owners. This beautiful home has slight changes to the original Baxter design to make it child friendly and solar powered. By incorporating an external accessed solar storage area, the living area was redesigned to include bench seating and a storage shelves.

Tiny house lounge room with bench seating and shelving.

As always it was a pleasure to work with our clients, to create something that worked for them. They made some great material choices going with a gun metal grey vinyl cladding and stunning bamboo bench top.

Bamboo kitchen bench tops

At 8m long and with removable items we just managed to get the tiny house under weight at 3499kg making it safe to tow on New Zealand roads. Our weigh scales have been amazing as we had the ability to weigh our builds throughout the build process.

Build Tiny's, Ibbotson (Custom Baxter) Tiny house.

By extending the loft barriers to the ceiling and installing retractable baby gates, the loft areas become a child safe space for rest and play. The space is large and open making it multi purpose, with two large windows for light and ventilation.

Full high safety barriers and retractable baby gates

Tiny house safety barriers

Like some of our previous builds, the main loft is accessed by a staircase which doubles as ample storage. The 24v low power fridge was even able to be incorporated into the design of it.

Clever tiny house storage stairs.

Solar was an additional extra with this build and will save the owners so much! Our solar packages are customised to the requirements of each client but typically are around $17,250. They come with an internal solar monitor, which allows you check the PV input and battery storage anytime with a display monitor.

Internal solar control panel on Ibbotson Tiny house

Solar storage room on Build Tinys custom tiny house build.

Another special feature of this build was not one but two showers, heated with a Infinity gas hot water system. Because the tiny house was headed off to a beach location an outdoor shower was a must to keep as much sand out as possible. Once onsite the clients are going to build a deck around it to finish off the look.

Tiny house outdoor shower

If you like the look of this build or any of our others get in quick as 2019 build spots are filling up FAST! We would hate for you to be disappointed If you would like to book in our next available build slot contact us via our website or call us on 07 549 2864

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