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The truly tiny tiny house

3D model of Build Tinys Camper model

We are finally able to introduce you to the Camper. We have been asked a lot if we had anything a bit smaller. So we listened and Gina has designed something really special. At just 5 metres long, you'll need the mindset of a minimalist to live in this home full-time, or treat it like a caravan and use it as your holiday home on wheels - taking it to a new destination every summer. We wanted to offer a truly portable tiny house that could be towed easily. The compact size is incredibly functional and our most affordable tiny house yet!

Camper Tiny house under construction

We have been working with closely with an engineer who has designed a counter weighted bed. This eliminates the traditional loft sleeping space. Therefore people with limited mobility or want a multi use space can be catered for. When the bed is not in use it is pushed up into the ceiling space. When in use it can be pulled right down to couch height, or the third position allows it to be locked half way to make a bunk bed using the built in couch underneath as a second bed.

Sectional view of the Camper Tiny House

Build Tiny's counter weighted retractable bed in their Camper model

It comes with a full bathroom inc shower, vanity, and a composting toilet. The kitchen is small yet packed with everything you need, including a 2 burner gas cooker with concealed vented range-hood, a microwave, a bar fridge, and even a wine rack!

One of the great things about its small size means you will be able to have all the bells and whistles as weight is less likely to be an issue. As part of the quoted price the camper comes in coloursteel, however there is nothing to stop a customer including wooden cladding for example.

Our prototype is under construction with the plan to have it finished to debut at the Katikati A & P Show on February the 3rd 2019. To see the full specs and layout plans check out the Camper tab on our website

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