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Benefits of going tiny.

Going tiny isn't for everyone BUT when you think about the benefits it does make sense. There are the obvious up sides. Financing is becoming more readily available to enable the purchase of a tiny home. So for those dreaming of owning their own home this can become achievable, without being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Because of it's size, a tiny home will continue to be kind on your wallet, as your utility requirements will be lower than a larger home. Add solar power and your away laughing.

Boomer Tiny house with solar installed

Builder Jason checking the tiny house solar panels

As our population grows it is fair to say living tiny might have to become the way of the future. The ecological footprint of a tiny home is much less than a traditional home. This is because a tiny home requires less building materials to construct and takes up less space. The environment will also thank you, as it is very common for tiny homes to be fitted with solar power and have composting toilets.

There is so much you can do when designing a tiny home. They could be modern in design with clever space saving features, rustic and recycled, or have quirky features. All have different things that make them unique. Sometimes our lives can be tied down and cluttered with physical possessions, most of which we don't actually need. Making the move to a tiny home forces people to think carefully about the things they use, helping them to simplify their way of living.

Although small, it is amazing what can be included in a tiny home. You can have all the aspects of a larger home, if you only think creatively. Many things can have multiple purposes. You just need to think outside the box. Outdoor living is also a very kiwi concept which will help a tiny home feel more spacious. Once set up on a site a deck and/or pergola make the perfect outdoor dining area. Imagine having everything you need within a few metres.

Build Tiny's Boomer tiny house, with deck and solar.

Hate cleaning? less floor area means less time cleaning. One hour and your whole house could be done leaving you lots of your precious time to enjoy life. With lower expenses and build costs you could even work less giving you more time to enjoy living in your tiny home.

Build Tiny's Millennial Tiny House being towed.

Don't forget their most unique attribute, they're portable! Picture being able to move your home when ever you felt like it. Got a new job in a new city? no problem, just find a new parking spot! Have a change of scenery or hop between friends and family and still enjoy all the comforts of home... because you brought it with you. If you think tiny living is for you, have a look on our website to see how we can help you get into your own tiny home in a matter of months.

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