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Workshop update

As most of our followers know we are currently working on building our three new designs. Two of which are almost ready to go. You can already get a good feel of how they could be used and what they will look like. Each has its own unique features that make it special. The Archer with its downstairs room, and the Baxter with its open plan living and two lofts. All three homes are available to purchase if someone was to fall in love with them.

Build progress of the Bunker, Archer, Baxter and Custom Millennial

The Baxter, Archer and Bunker

All three builds are Vinyl clad to reduce weight. Other benefits of using vinyl cladding are it is energy efficient. Each board is thermally insulated with foam, which boosts energy efficiency and keeps the heat in your home where it belongs while keeping it cool in summer. It is also uv stable and colour fast. Never needing painting. The colour goes right through the board; it cannot be scratched off and once installed needs no further work done. You will never have to paint your house again. While the cladding panels are lightweight, they are extremely tough. They are designed to last and look great for decades no matter the weather and are backed with a 50-year manufacturer warranty. Best of all they are low maintenance. All the cladding needs is an occasional wash down with the garden hose to keep it looking like new. It never needs painting, will never rot, rust, absorb water, warp or twist. In the unlikely event of a board being damaged, individual boards can be easily removed and replaced within minutes.

The following photos are of the Archer which just needs a few final touches. Look out for professional photos and video tour to come.

The Archers kitchen, bathroom and stairs to the loft

View of the Archers second loft and door into the down stairs bathroom.

And here is the Baxter with mostly sub contractors to go. Don't they look great!

Build Tinys Baxter tiny house

Work progress on the Baxter tiny house

It is important to us that we stick to the 3500kg weight limit of the trailers to be safely towed. This allows them to be classed as a light trailer requiring a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) rather than a heavy trailer which needs a Certificate of Fitness (COF). To make sure we can keep track of this we have purchased a set of load cells. We can use these to weigh our houses at different stages of the build to track the weight of each house.

The space left by Kates Tiny House has already been filled by a client who wanted a custom Millennial Tiny House. Excitingly, they are going to have the tiny house available to stay in on Air B n B and Book a Batch. It will be located on the lower West Coast of the North Island at the beautiful Waikawa Beach. All going to plan it could be on site and ready for guests by late September. But of course we will announce that on our website and Facebook page. As we do with all our builds, once complete we will also publish a video tour.

With momentum going forward and new builds in the pipe line we have needed to add to our small team. We have been lucky enough to recruit Mike. It was actually Mikes wife Kirsten who mentioned that Mike would be great in a building role and we are so lucky she did, as Mike has proven to be a great fit. His skills and knowledge as a qualified boat builder and experience with cabinetry and bench tops are a real asset to the company. The Ex Aucklander has built a number of cabins and even a tree house on his property Tui Ridge which are available on Air BnB.

Build Tinys new employee Mike

We also have something very exciting that we are keeping under wraps for a few more weeks. When Gina gets a gap in her schedule we will be introducing a very special tiny house to broaden our range. Here is a sneak peak.

Build tinys new secret project.

Build tinys secret project.

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