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Ever thought about leaving your house behind?

There's a lot of talk right now about detachable tiny house trailers in the community groups on Facebook, we thought it was about time we shared the innovative detachable tiny house trailer we now use on all our builds, designed and built by Bay Engineering Solutions.

Build Tiny's new tiny house detachable trailer

The trailers are constructed in two parts with a flat deck and low profile design. They consist of a chassis; a basic skeleton trailer with structural steel, axles and a draw bar. Secondly the Deck; a steel frame that the house is built up from. These two parts are securely locked together using a container lock system at each of the four corners.

Tiny House container lock system

Tiny House container lock system

Tyres concealed under the deck of the Tiny House

The wheels are neatly concealed in the deck of the trailer to make for a nice flat deck to build up from.

Jack up the Tiny house to remove the trailer deck

This new technology allows a client to maneuver their house into place, then slowly lift the house with its lifting jacks and set onto foundations. This is perfect when the trailer requires its yearly WOF, it also helps decreases the wear and tear on the trailers wheels and brakes.

Tiny house deck with the trailer removed

All trailers are hot dipped galvanised steel, the best protection against rust available, and can be build in a range of sizes.

View of the underside of the Tiny House trailer

Brake system for the Tiny House trailers

Radio controlled wireless drum brakes are fitted on all trailers and can be plugged into any vehicle and don't require any rewiring. An additional safety feature is the smart brake away switch which clips onto the towing vehicle, in the event of a brake away it will engage the trailers brakes. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding the trailers, we are happy to help.

Brake system for the Tiny House trailers

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