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Whats new on the shop floor...

Our design Guru Gina has been on a roll lately! Boy has she delivered. As promised we have 4 new designs; including one to accommodate a family of six and another more accessible model featuring a ground floor bedroom. The four new designs are all detailed on our website along with pricing. Three of which are under construction and available for sale (Baxter, Bunker and Archer). Each of these 3 models has a very similar kitchen and bathroom set up, then the living areas change to suit a range of needs. Whether its a large open plan living area or more sleeping options. If you like different aspects from different designs, you can work with Gina to tweak and create your own. An introduction to the four new designs follows.

The Baxter

Baxter tiny house, Build Tiny

The Baxter Tiny House is perfect for those who love to lounge and entertain. With a very generous (by tiny house standards!) 4.2 x 2.2m open-plan, downstairs living area, you'll have the flexibility to customise and layout this space as you choose. It's pictured on the website with a lounge and dining set up, but the options are endless with this flexible design. And with two large lofts, there's no compromise on storage and sleeping either.


The Archer

The Archer Tiny House, Build Tiny

The Archer Tiny House is perfect for those who want to minimize their use of stairs and ladders. With all the most frequently used facilities located on the ground floor, such as kitchen, bathroom, living area, and a downstairs double bedroom. The two large lofts can be utilised as you wish for storage, or additional sleeping space. One loft can be accessed via stairs with a 1.73m high walking platform next to the bed. The second loft is accessed via a ladder and would be ideal for storage, or a home office. There is even a cleverly design foot well in the custom cabinetry to make a desk area, inspired by the Millennial.


The Bunker

The Bunker Tiny House, Build Tiny

The Bunker Tiny House is perfect for families with 1-2 children or ideal as a bach. With the queen/king size loft, bunk room and the roll away queen bed on the ground floor, this house can comfortably sleep 6! We've built a top bunk into the bunkroom, leaving the space underneath free for you to furnish as required, such as a play area, a second single bed, or a nursery space with a cot and changing table etc. There is extensive (easily accessed) storage under the bunkroom, great for kids toys or camping equipment. Loft 1 also has the 1.73m high walking platform alongside the bed.


The Buster

The Buster Tiny House, Build Tiny

The Buster is a iteration of the Boomer Tiny House. With a similar loft and stair design, but a different kitchen and bathroom configuration. It has the same quality finish and detailing throughout the interior, but the cladding is inspired by the Millennial Tiny House.

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