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The New Workshop

As the interest in Tiny houses continues to build so have we. In anticipation of a bright and busy future we have been lucky enough to secure a much larger workshop. Big enough to accommodate multiple builds at once.

Here are some pics of the build under construction

Build Tiny's new head quarters under construction

A work in progress, in the perfect location. Across the road from one of our local suppliers Katikati Building Supplies.

Tiny houses builders hard at work/lunch

Thats some kiwi ingenuity right there! look at those functional desks.

Builder Jason fitting out our new lunch room

Our resident builder Jason making sure the new kitchen in the smoko room is nice and level.

The building is nearly ready to build some Tiny Houses

Got enough space there Gina? good to see not having a proper office hasn't slowed you down.


And we are in.

We don't know ourselves with all this space. With four builds under construction things are all go. We even have a proper office and lunch / meeting room.

Welcome to the new Build Tiny Workshop

Having such a large covered area is going to mean our builders can comfortably work all year round.

The boys getting to work on the new builds

We now have work stations set up and places to keep the materials for each build. Four at a time seems to fit nicely at this stage. But you never know how busy we may get. I think we have room to squeeze in a few more.

And we have frames up!

Deliveries coming in on the daily. Lucky we have a forklift!

Here is Ian one of our directors / lackey trying out the custom desk built by Jason.

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