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Boomer on display at the Katikati A&P Show

Earlier this month we took our latest build - the Boomer Tiny House to the Katikati A&P Show in New Zealand to give locals the chance to 'have a nosey'. We really enjoyed the day, it was much nicer pace than our previous exhibition last year at the Auckland Home show which was absolutely manic! We really had the opportunity to sit down with the community and talk to them about tiny homes - what they are, and why we need them. Housing affordability was a big talking point amoung those who toured the house, and we couldnt agree more that the solution is to go tiny.

Recently the Tauranga City Council released a questionnaire as research for the draft Tauranga Urban Strategy. It suggests a new direction for how the city grows and changes, putting greater focus on developing existing urban areas. One question asked was:

"How important do you think it is that Council should support the development of smaller or more compact homes to reflect the needs of our community?"

It's a great step forward that they are trying to define what the community wants and needs in terms of housing. If you would like to complete the survey yourself, here is the link to do so.

Top Photo by Jo Bryant Photography

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