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Tiny Roof Shout

This last weekend, Build Tiny threw its first roof shout! After a few intense weeks of 'finishing touches', the prototype Millennial Tiny House was complete. We took the opportunity to invite all those that had contributed along the way, and share a few drinks to celebrate the achievement. There were a good amount of laughs and reminiscing, and a general feeling of 'oh my god, I cant believe we actually pulled that off'.

Its fair to say we were feeling quite proud, and it was enormously gratifying to see friends and family experience the house for the first time, and hear their feedback. The kids in particular seemed to love the space, and played in it all afternoon, discussing imaginary magic bridges between the lofts, 'playing house' in the kitchen, and trying to see how far they could swing in the hammock chair.

We celebrated by eating all things tiny - tiny bagels, tiny muffins, tiny cookies, tiny fruity pumpkins, mini chocolates, mini hotdogs... you get the idea... mini everything.

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