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Popular Plans

Time and time again, our customers came to us and said "I'd like something like the [insert awesome tiny house here] plan. So to get you started here's some of our most popular tiny house plans. If you love them just the way they are, we can build one just for you. And because the design work is already done, you'll get the top quality finishing and clever design work that we're known for, at a great price. Or if you wan't, you can use these plans as a a starting point, and customise whatever is important to you through our custom design process.

Standard plans website cover images-01.jpg


8 X 2.4M | 2 level | 1 loft bedroom

An 8m long stunner with one queen sleeping loft. Beautiful ply interior, large kitchen & lounge. Can you spot the concealed washing machine?!


Base Price NZD

Standard plans website cover images-02.jpg


9 X 2.4M | 1 level | 1 bedroom

9m single level tiny house that's perfect if you can't access a loft. Double bedroom with lots of storage. Large bathroom & laundry.


Base Price NZD

Standard plans website cover images-05.jpg


8 X 2.4M | 2 level | 2 loft bedrooms

One of our oldest & most popular designs, this layout is so versatile with lots of living space & 2 lofts. Build a deck out front to complete the scene


Base Price NZD

Standard plans website cover images-04.jpg


6 X 2.4M | 1 level | 1 studio bedroom

A tiny package with everything needed for short term stays. Turn spare land into income with a lucrative Airbnb.


Base Price NZD

Standard plans website cover images-03.jpg


8 X 2.4M | 2 level | 2 loft bedrooms

An 8m tiny house with TWO sets of storage stairs, a big kitchen & lounge, and 2 lofts. Theres even outdoor storage!


Base Price NZD

Custom tiny house plans


Create a one-off design with us

Fancy something a little bit different? Work with our in-house design team to create a one off masterpiece. We're the king of custom in NZ.


Estimated price

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