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We're proud of what we do and we love sharing our work with others. Heres hoping that it sparks your imagination and inspires you to design and build your own unique tiny home with us. We've never built two tiny homes exactly the same, and we hope to keep it that way! Here is a collection of our previous work... click on the 'see more' link to find out more about each home. You'll find photos, videos, layout plans, specifications inc size, cost, weight, power source etc, and also testimonials from the clients themselves. We hope you enjoy!

Dreamweaver Tiny House.jpg


Completed November 2019

An off-grid solar-powered tiny house with gas heating and room to sleep 4, based on our popular Baxter Layout

Social Media-2.jpg


Completed September 2019

Fit for a family! with dual lofts and a huge living area, this tiny house is one of our most popular layouts

Social Media-3.jpg


Completed June 2019

Perfectly sized for 2 with massive king size loft & big bathroom with flushing toilet. + Insect screens for comfort in summer

Social Media-3.jpg


Completed April 2019

A seriously small tiny house built onto a dinky 5m trailer. Don't like the idea of sleeping in a loft? This house is for you...



Completed Feb 2019

Full custom stage 2 build. The clients provided their own 3D model, we built the shell and they're building rest!

Build Tinys Tiny House on the Desert Roa


Completed Oct 2018

Off grid solar power and even has an onboard water tank. Based off the Baxter tiny house design.

Social Media-5.jpg


Completed late 2017

Open plan living, full off-grid solar set up, queen size loft with built-in storage. This tiny house is based on the Boomer plans.



Completed October 2019

Wait till you see the views! A spacious guest house with room to move. This tiny house is bigger than average at 2.9m wide

Social Media-11.jpg


Completed August 2019

One of our most popular designs, the Kingfisher ticks all the boxes, off-grid solar, large living area, sleeps 4, and its beautiful!

First Light Tiny House_edited.jpg


Completed June 2019

An architecturally designed off-grid tiny house with high-end finishes. If you like to have the best of the best this is for you!

La Sombra Tiny House


Completed April 2019

Full custom stage 3 build. An off-grid 8m tiny house with a cosy fireplace. An open plan layout with 2 lofts, and a long kitchen!

Social Media-13.jpg


Completed Dec 2018

Full stage 3 build, off grid solar power, outdoor and indoor shower, sleeping space for 4. 


Completed Sep 2018

Customised based on the Millennial Tiny house plans - Tinyville is an Airbnb rental so you can stay the night in this one!

Stevens Tiny House


Completed Sep 2017

Our very first tiny house build! This one was owned by our director Gina, and was a popular airbnb for 2 years before being sold to a young couple. 

Social Media-5.jpg


Completed September 2019

Blue beauty! A very practical 7.2m long tiny house with a large bathroom, cute fireplace, & pull-out storage couch / bed

Social Media-7.jpg


Completed July 2019

Ready for self-sufficient off-grid living. This tiny house has a wetback fire, full solar, and a HUGE bathroom for a family of 4.

Dance Tiny House being Towed


Completed May 2019

A tiny house with many kid-friendly features including a crawl space to connect both lofts + baby gates and barriers. 

Social Media-2.jpg


Completed March 2019

Full custom stage 3 build. Our first 6m tiny house. A compact layout without stairs and with a net hammock between lofts!



Completed Dec 2018

Based off the Archer Tiny House plans, this big tiny house has 2 lofts AND and a bedroom! 

Buster tiny house Image-4.jpg


Completed June 2018

Based on the Buster Tiny house plans, it has one loft, a large living area, bathroom, and full kitchen with dishwasher!

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