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A collection of links to us in the media

Digital Media Features

November 2019 | New Atlas

Cherry Picker Tiny House offers spacious interior and choice views... Build Tiny was commissioned to design a guest house by clients with a nice plot of land, who often have friends and family over to visit. In response, the firm created the Cherry Picker Tiny House, which offers a comfortable and relatively spacious interior, and boasts excellent views of the beautiful New Zealand landscape.

November 2019 | Dwell Magazine

Just One Look at This New Tiny House Will Make You Want to Downsize... When Build Tiny director and designer Gina Stevens devised the new Kingfisher tiny house, her priorities were practicality and flexibility. "The open-plan design suits a wide range of people," Stevens says....

November 2019 | TV 3's 'Moving out with Kanoa'

TV3's Moving out with Kanoa... One of our clients Tash was featured on TV3's "Moving out with Kanoa" on the 21st of November 2019. You can watch the full episode here and meet the wonderful family that now calls this tiny house 'home'...

November 2019 |

Single mother moves into new tiny house and lives off-grid... Having seen tiny houses on social media, Garcia thought she would take a look at the concept. "I saw a few videos of a family of five up in Hawkes Bay who are living in a tiny house and it made me pause and think, well can you live with much less space?"...

September 2019 | New Atlas

Tiny vacation home sleeps up to four off-the-grid... New Zealand-based Build Tiny recently completed an off-grid model named the Kingfisher Tiny House. The towable dwelling contains a well-stocked kitchen and can sleep up to four people in its two bedrooms...

September 2019 | New Atlas

Family's tiny house runs off-the-grid in New Zealand... Taking its name from the family land on which it's installed, the Kahurangi Koinga Tiny House was built for a couple with two young boys. The dwelling runs off-the-grid...

August 2019 | Newstalk ZB Breakfast with Mike Hosking

Radio interview with Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB... Mike talks to our designer Gina all about the growth of Build Tiny, and the popularity of tiny homes in New Zealand ahead up the upcoming Auckland Homeshow...

August 2019 | Archipro

Tiny houses are a growing trend in New Zealand right now, spurred on by the high cost of housing and a growing awareness about the environmental impact of consuming land and resources...

August 2019 | New Atlas

Off-grid tiny house is home to a family of four... New Zealand's Build Tiny recently completed a new model for a mother and her three children. La Sombra (The Shadow) Tiny House is a small but flexible home that can run on or off-the-grid...

July 2019 | New Atlas

Towable or stowable tiny house offers a spacious home for two... New Zealand's Build Tiny recently completed a new model named the Green Hill Farm Tiny House...

July 2019 | New Atlas

Off-grid tiny house is well-suited for home and away... Build Tiny's latest model was created in collaboration with architecture firm First Light Studio. With its detachable trailer and ability to run either on or off-the-grid as required, the tiny house is...

July 2019 | New Atlas

Compact tiny house makes space for four with novel pull-down bed... The Camper Tiny House, by Build Tiny, can be used as a full-time home for dedicated downsizers, but is also well-suited as a vacation home or guest house. The compact and lightweight dwelling can sleep up to four people thanks to a neat bed that pulls down from the ceiling....

July 2019 |

"Tiny house from New Zealand is actually almost tiny" After years of tiny house bloat, it is nice to see a minimalist design that gets back to the essentials...

July 2019 |

"With dual sleeping lofts, this family-friendly tiny home proves that the more, the merrier" Designed and built by New Zealand-based Build Tiny, the Dance Tiny House was custom designed to be a durable family home that boasts beautiful and child-proof interiors...

June 2019 | New Atlas

Dance Tiny House built with family life in mind... Due to the inevitable constraints that come from living in such a small space, tiny houses aren't particularly child-friendly, especially models with upstairs lofts. Build Tiny aims to mitigate this with its Dance Tiny House, which has...

June 2019 | Tiny House Talk

"Mother and Daughter’s Dance Tiny House by Build Tiny in New Zealand"

18 June 2019 | New Atlas

"Tiny house fits lots of living space into small footprint" Build Tiny's latest model is on the smaller side, even for a tiny house, but is packed with space-saving ideas. Designed to squeeze into a small suburban plot, it includes movable cabinetry, a home office, and a loft net that provides additional space to lounge...

May 2019 | This NZ Life

"Grand designs in tiny spaces: Inside a creative couple’s bach and matching tiny house at Waikawa Beach" The devil is in the details when it comes to building a tiny house, says Rodney. A tiny house on wheels (known as a THOW) is classed as a vehicle. Even with his design background, Rodney advises using a specialist tiny-house building company...

6/5/2019 | NZ Herald

"Big interest in tiny Kiwi house - 8.7 million views: 'I can't believe it, extraordinary'"- "A video showing off a tiny house built in the Bay of Plenty has drawn 8.7 million views in just two months and international acclaim"

29/11/2018 | Dwell Magazine

"This Ingenious Tiny House Saves Space With a Lofted Office and Underfloor Storage" The Millennial Tiny House is a simple 24' x 8' residence with a dedicated office loft that can be accessed via a wall ladder. The custom home was created by Build Tiny, which is based out of the town of Katikati in the Bay of Plenty on New Zealand's North Island...

12/11/2018 | Apartment Therapy

"This Tiny House Sleeps Up to 6 People" In case you were unaware, there’s actually a situation in which turning your house upside down is regarded as positive. It’s known as reverse living, where the traditional home layout is swapped for an opposite setup, as is the case with this tiny house model from New Zealand company Build Tiny...

10/08/2018 |  Dwell Magazine

"Downsize in Style With This Sleek Tiny Home Starting Below $38K USD" The Buster Tiny House is the latest design from Build Tiny, a family-owned business that constructs exquisite tiny homes from their own workshop in Katikati, New Zealand.   Featuring a lofty living space, lots of natural light, and a shocking amount of storage, this mini abode can be ordered either finished or unfinished...

3/02/2018 | NZ Herald

"Mary Holm: Tiny house leaves more to invest" - A NZ Herald article featuring the millennial Tiny house outlining how tiny homes make financial sense.

2/02/2018 | NZ Herald

"Family business conquering Tauranga's housing affordability crisis with tiny houses" A Katikati family have started a small business which has big aspirations for tiny homes.  Gina Stevens has been the creative force behind Build Tiny Ltd, collaborating with brother-in-law Jason Airey and friend Steve Cave to bring her ideas to fruition...

9/01/2018 |

"Tiny homes with novel space-saving solutions are here to stay" The interest in tiny homes shows no sign of slowing, but people do need to understand it is a lifestyle change, says a Katikati owner who has started her own tiny house business with her family...

29/09/2017 | New Atlas Magazine

"Millennial Tiny House is packed with space-saving ideas" The Millennial Tiny House, by New Zealand's Build Tiny, boasts some great space-saving ideas. Its interior includes a retractable staircase, underfloor storage, and a home office...

10/09/2017 | NZ Herald

"Reporter Brittany Keogh stays the night in a 17sqm Build Tiny house" We'll be the first people to sleep in this 17sqm prototype from Build Tiny - and while I guess you could call us the guinea pigs, the experience is just as much about us finding out if a small home could work for us long term as it is about testing it out.... 

8/09/2017 | More FM

"See the $120k millennial Kiwi "house of the future""It's a widely held understanding that many millennials will never be able to afford a house - but one woman is trying her best to dismiss that as just a myth, through her tiny home business....

7/09/2017 | NZ Herald Focus

"Tiny houses and maximising small spaces the future of buying a first home in Auckland?" Inventive use of small spaces is considered to be the way forward for young, prospective homeowners...

6/09/2017 | News Hub

Shannon Redstall from Newshub takes a video tour and reviews the Millennial Tiny House

6/09/2017 | News Hub

"Take a walk through a house that could be all yours for $120k"

6/09/2017 | The AM Show - News Hub

Gina was interviewed by Duncan Garner and Shannon Redstall for the TV3 am Show

3/09/2017 | NZ Herald

"Auckland Home Show 2017: When tiny is the best way to be" In an era where big is no longer considered best, one Kiwi family has decided to make tiny, portable houses packed with all the features of a full-sized home.  Build Tiny director Gina Stevens said it was all about being innovative in the space to give Kiwi families all the utilities they would need in a home...

31/08/2017 | Tiny House Swoon

The Millennial Tiny house featured on Tiny House Swoon.

2017 | We Make Change

"The Millennial Tiny House Stands out from the Crowd" The Millennial tiny house on wheels manages to stand out from the crowd with some clever design. The house seems open and light which packs in many features similar to a full size house. Space is achieved in this 7.2 x 2.4m tiny house with features like retractable stairs...

2017 | Re: Rews (TVNZ)

"Would you live in a tiny house?" A video interview filmed inside the Millennial tiny house with Re: News 

Print Media Features


June, 2019

One for our Japanese speaking fans! A feature on the Millennial Tiny House.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 12.16.46

March 22, 2018

"Small scale builds can bring big rewards"

Build Tiny featured in the Malborough Midweek Newspaper

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 11.32.12

May, 2019

Our clients Rodney and Shirley on the cover of NZ Life and Leisure magazine with their tiny house.

An article about Interville (our clients family bach) and TinyVille (their custom tiny house) located at this stunning beachfront location on Waikawa Beach.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 12.36.17

Jan, 2019

Build Tiny was selected to be featured in this Book!

This international book was published in both English and Spanish. It's an inspiring compilation of clever tiny house designs and we are very honoured to have our Millennial Tiny House featured.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 12.42.55

Dec, 2018

Article about the NZ Tiny House and alternative living conference featuring our build - TinyVille!

We took a client's tiny house to the Tiny House Conference in Carterton and had incredible feedback from the attendees. The house went on to feature in this article in the Motorhomes Caravans & Destinations Magazine.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 11.25.46

April, 2018

In this edition of Your Home and Garden there was a 'Small Homes Report" that features the Millennial Tiny House. 


Feb 1, 2018

Editorial feature in the Katikati Advertiser

An article about Build tiny right before we attended the 2018 Katikati A&P Show

My space article.jpg

November, 2017

An editorial article in MySpace Magazine featuring the Millennial Tiny House

Myspace Magazine came and did a feature article about our prototype Millennial Tiny House. 


September 2017

"Trend Alert - The Big Tiny House Movement"

Build Tiny featured in the 2017 Auckland Home Show guide. You can read the full article in the guide online - page 25


September, 2017

Build Tiny featured in the Malborough Midweek Newspaper

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