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Financing for Tiny Homes

Bank Financing: 

Firstly, because a tiny house is a vehicle, it's unlikely to qualify for a home loan through a bank. However, banks may be able to offer you a personal loan, or if you have an existing home loan, you may be able to add the cost of the tiny house to this. Alternatively, if you don't have an existing home loan to leverage, some banks have issued home loans for tiny homes provided there is a guarantor to secure the loan. Contact your bank to discuss the options available to you.


We often get asked if you can use your Kiwisaver to purchase a tiny house on wheels, unfortunately a Tiny House is considered a vehicle and you can not withdraw your Kiwisaver to purchase a vehicle. 

Alternative financing: 

There are independent financing companies and brokers who offer financing for tiny homes, here are a couple that we know of...​ TMF finance and Squirrel Money 
TMF finance
squirel money.png

We are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse these companies. We recommend that you seek independent financial advice before you enter into any financial agreement. 

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