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Popular vs Custom Plans

There's two pathways to building a tiny house with us: selecting a design from our popular plans range or creating custom tiny house plans. The below explains the two approaches so you can decide what’s right for you.

Why go with our popular plans?


Selecting one of our popular plans is the fastest and most affordable way to work with us. Simply select a tiny house plan that meets your needs and budget, pick your colours and upgrades and book your build spot!


What to expect

  • Customisations:

We have a set list of customisations that apply to our range of popular plans, you can see those here.Anything outside of this list of customisations will mean you need to go through our custom design process.

  • Upgrades: You'll be able to choose from a list of standard upgrades such as off-grid solar, insect screens, outdoor showers and many more. See our list of upgrade options here.

  • Time frames: By picking from our range of popular plans you're choosing the fastest pathway to getting your new tiny house delivered to your site. See our next available start dates here to see how soon you could receive your tiny house. 

  • Costs: Simply take the base cost of the chosen popular plan, and add the costs of your customisations/upgrades. Work with our pricing team to select your package and get a quote within less than a week.

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