"Snifter" Tiny House

This tiny house is a watertight shell we built for our client Greta, she designed it to suit her needs as an artist, and is going to be completing the interior fit out herself as a DIYer! We're excited to see photos of the completed project once she's done all the mahi. This approach is a great option for those with a lower budget who want to get their hands dirty, but want to ensure that important structural and weatherproofing aspects of the build are done right by professionals.

Completed February 2019

Completion Date

8m long x 2.4w x 4.2h


Stage 1 build (watertight shell)


No connection provided (stage 1 build)


2 lofts

Sleeping Spaces


Jason, Ray, Andy, Lance, Hayden, & Kelvin.

Build Team

Clients own design


Steel frame, vinyl cladding,
double glazed aluminium windows, cedar feature along front.