"Purple Palace" Tiny House

Lets talk affordable tiny homes.... as a custom builder we've done some really high-end builds, but custom doesn't have to mean expensive. In this build (called the Purple Palace), we worked closely with the client to reduce costs without compromising on quality, and keeping options open for the client to add features later as funds become available. Tips for keeping costs low - limit the amount of windows (just enough to create adequate ventilation), limit the amount of built-in custom cabinetry, and do your own painting - this is an easy DIY job that can save thousands! Wondering why it’s called the Purple Palace when there's not a single hint of purple in the photos? Our client is DIY'ing her paintwork, and these photos were taken before she took ownership. We’ve been told that the bathroom door and some other accents have been painted a vibrant purple, so hopefully we can share some updated photos in the future in all her purple glory!

Completed December 2020

Completion Date

7.2m long x 2.4w x 4.2h. Weighed in at 3,120kg.


Stage 3 build (turn-key, completed build). Excl painting - client to DIY


On-grid 16 amp caravan connection - prewired for future solar install.


1 loft

Sleeping Spaces

Purple Palace
Purple Palace

Jason, Chris, Hayden, Ray, Andy, Kelvin & Paul. Special thanks to our subbies, Graham, Jason P, John P, and David.

Build Team

Our In-house designer Gina.


Steel frame, vinyl cladding, double glazed aluminum windows, lightweight poplar core plywood interior linings.


"So the name for my whare iti is ‘ Purple Palace’ 💜My son in law came up with it. I have nothing but good things to say about Build Tiny. I make sure people know who built my house. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed with decisions I had to make - but all through this you were patient and kind. I think your kindness is what made for a lovely experience. You, Gina, came and collected my lead light and have made a perfect slot for it. And then my wooden airing rack being gifted to me in a box with a ribbon around it, Amy. I use the rack every day and it is a must! My composting toilet has been a bit nerve racking for me but after a month using it I’m a lot more comfortable with how the ratios work. Jason came all the way over and helped sort some little things out and I really appreciated this. This is my first home- not a rental! and it’s very different. I’m taking my time hanging things on my fresh new walls! Blimin flies!! leaving their spots on my white walls 🙄. I love my loft and I sleep fabulously up there. All the cupboard space is plenty enough for me and everything has a place. In February 2020 Ian came on a Saturday and showed us around the factory and took us to the air BnBs. My friend Andy, who came with me, was very impressed with your workmanship and he clinched it for me and so I made the decision to go with Build Tiny. My husband and parents who have passed and my father-in-law enabled me to finance my build and I want to acknowledge them too. Many many thanks for being part of making my dream come true - everyone of you!
Much love, Shalom, Sue"